What is Teeth Whitening Process

What is Teeth Whitening Process

What is Teeth Whitening Process  Teeth whitening is the most common dental care application in recent years, teeth whitening is the process of removing colored organic or inorganic substances formed on the tooth surface using some gels. For those who care about their personal care, dental cleaning is very important, sometimes the color difference in their teeth, even in some people, causes psychological deterioration. What is Teeth Whitening Process

It is the dentists who determine the treatment method

Teeth whitening can be done at home with some natural methods, but it is known to dentists who definitely determine the way of treatment. It is known that teeth whitening procedures are also carried out in some beauty centers outside the home, but as a Smile Aesthetics that provides dental care at home , we would like to warn you. What is Teeth Whitening Process

Teeth Whitening Should Be Performed By The Doctor

Teeth whitening should definitely be done by a doctor. In gels used for whitening the tooth, this process is a method that requires professionalism until the damage to the tooth during the process. So why do teeth lose their color, that is, why color changes occur in teeth, it is necessary to deal with this issue first. There are many reasons that affect the color of the teeth in addition to the reasons starting from the structural disorders occurring in childhood, that is, when the teeth are formed. What is Teeth Whitening Process

Causes of Color Loss in Teeth

The excessive consumption of antibiotics, tea, tobacco and coffee drinks taken by the mother while in the womb, and the fact that the teeth are not cleaned sufficiently after consumption, and even the fluorine value in the waters we drink affects the color change of the tooth. We divide the color change in the teeth into two as inner color change and outer color change. The internal color change is the color changes that will not come out by brushing inside the teeth, the structural disorders that cause this occurrence are taking too much fluorine and the drugs taken, but the success rate in such cases in teeth whitening is quite high. External discoloration is the color changes that occur due to excessive consumption of products such as tea, coffee and tobacco, and the success rate in the treatment of dental stones applied in their treatment is quite high.You can get information about the subject by calling our dental service specialists at ankara home . What is Teeth Whitening Process

What are Teeth Whitening Methods

Teeth whitening methods are also divided into two, one is the method completed in an average of one hour in the clinic. This method, called Power Bleaching, is a fast reliable and most effective system consisting of bleaching gel and light that lightens the tooth color up to 3 or 4 tons. At home, home bleaching, that is home bleaching method, is a bleaching process prepared as gels, which is prepared specially for the person with a small measure taken from the mouth of the person and placed in plastic mouthpieces. Although there is a time difference depending on tooth color and gel, on average, this plastic mouthpiece should remain attached for 4 to 8 hours a day. Anyone without any gum disease can get a teeth whitening process, making an implant at home before having a teeth whitening procedure Make an appointment with your specialists, namely, Smile Aesthetics specialist dentists. What is Teeth Whitening Process

Does Everyone Have Teeth Whitening?

However, it is useful to underline that it is not right to apply teeth whitening to children, pregnant women and nursing mothers who have not completed their development. Dental or persons of tooth whitening process has been determined that there is no loss in the first tooth extractions at homeif you think always benefit from a step ahead of the laughter that whitening teeth with aesthetics and clinics of other services from its competitors with the service call to make an appointment without waiting. What is Teeth Whitening Process