Tooth Filling

Tooth Filling

Tooth filling is a method applied for decaying, broken or cracked teeth, it makes the tooth look natural and healthy. According to the information obtained from the home dental service doctors in Ankara , there may be severe damage to the teeth for many reasons, and these damages often cause tooth loss, however filling is the best solution applied to prevent these losses. Tooth Filling

It is the formula that has been applied for many years

Dental filling, which is made for restoring decaying teeth and performing its function again, is a formula that has been applied for many years, and this method, which is applied without waiting, prevents the complete loss of the tooth. At home, the expert team of dental implants is divided into two as a simple filling that requires treatment, and it usually uses local anesthesia in filling, so the patient does not feel any pain during the filling process. Tooth Filling

There are 4 different types

It is possible to separate the filling types into 4 types as gold filling, silver filling, composite filling and porcelain filling. Gold filling is especially suitable for the back teeth, it is very strong but challenging, it does not harm the teeth and gums and is applied by adhering. Tooth Filling

Silver Filling Is Not Harmful

Silver filler is more suitable than gold filler, but because it is not compatible with the tooth color, it is not applied on the front teeth, it is very durable and almost half of its material is mercury, the other substances in it are copper, tin and silver. Whereas, it has the wrong opinion, however, when mercury combines with metals such as tin and silver, it loses its effect and has no harmful side. Tooth Filling

It is the most common composite filling

The most common filling method performed in every practice is composite filling and it is ideal for use in fractures and cracks, since it is not a durable substance, it is not recommended to be used in large cavities, the cavity in the carious teeth is cleaned and the composite filling is applied after that, the composite filling is in demand due to its low cost. It is more than kinds. The porcelain filler prepared in the laboratory environment is not a type of filler suitable for every budget since it is close to the gold filler price and it is applied for teeth that require more than one job, it does not stain and change color. Tooth Filling

How Is Tooth Filling Made?

The filling process is as follows;

  • X-ray of the tooth area to be filled is examined and the area is examined.
  • Teeth are emptied with tools
  • Internal and dental environment is cleaned
  • The material to be filled is determined and prepared
  • Filler is placed in the cleaned tooth
  • Machine is used for fast drying of filling material
  • After the procedure, the patient is asked to open and close his mouth.
  • If there is a part that disturbs the patient, this discomfort is eliminated by the dentist.
  • Some special fillers require proofing and the waiting time may be long

What Has Been Done After Filling?

According to the information shared by dentists at home ; After making the filling, it is necessary to pay attention to some things, hot and cold food or drinks damage the filling, hard and shelled foods cause the filling to break, tobacco products should not be used, bacterial formation should be prevented by daily dental care and tooth brushing, acidic drinks and alcohol causes dispersion of the filling, eating nail or sleeping habits during sleep prevents the dental filling to remain in the teeth for a long time. After the tooth filling procedure, swelling or pain may be experienced. It should not be afraid of this situation, but if the pain is not finished or decreased after more than 2 hours, the dentist should be consulted. Tooth Filling