Stubborn Abscess Treatment (Apical Resection)

Stubborn Abscess Treatment (Apical Resection)

Stubborn Abscess Treatment (Apical Resection)  It is the oral and dental health service that the stubborn abscess, namely Apical Resection ankara,which is known and spoken by the public, is the solution of the Smile Aesthetics Clinic, which provides dental service at home . Stubborn Abscess Treatment (Apical Resection), which is accepted as an important gum disease, is a disease that should be treated urgently. Stubborn Abscess Treatment (Apical Resection)

Abscess of the abscessed tooth is not correct

Withdrawing a tooth with an abscess problem is not correct, but some dentists prefer to pull the tooth when they see an abscess. The first treatment method that should be applied before tooth extraction is canal treatment, if the definitive solution is not taken from this treatment, resection process is started. Stubborn root abscesses are treated only by external intervention in the tooth root. For this, a window on the jawbone is opened and the abscess is flowed from here, thus the tooth is healed over time. Stubborn Abscess Treatment (Apical Resection)

If Canal Treatment is Insufficient, Apical Resection is Applied

In cases where the canal treatment is insufficient, the steps required for Stubborn Abscess Treatment (Apical Resection) are started. Stubborn abscess treatment (Apical Resection) treatment is applied by the Smile Aesthetics Clinic, which provides dental services at home ; Structural Abscess Treatment (Apical Resection) is applied if there is no success in canal treatment, if the canals are clogged and persistent infections, if the teeth do not heal after canal treatment and there are conditions that cannot be reached in the root canals. In cases where the patient is not suitable for canal treatment, biopsy is required, stubborn abscess therapy (Apical Resection) treatment is applied in cases where there is no tooth underneath or in the teeth or in the condition of recovery of the tooth root after trauma. Stubborn Abscess Treatment (Apical Resection)

In which cases the stubborn abscess treatment is not performed

Smile Aesthetics dentists, who have successfully performed home implant making , list the situations where stubborn abscess treatment should never be done as follows; In case of canal treatment failure, the reason of which is not understood, treatment is not applied in systemic diseases, when the tooth is shaking or the tooth root is short. In addition, if there is a situation where root canal treatment will be applied, it is always the priority canal treatment. Canal treatment and Apical Resection treatment should never be performed at the same time, and the location of the anatomical formations should be considered. Stubborn Abscess Treatment (Apical Resection)

How to Treat Apical Resection

Before stubborn abscess treatment (Apical Resection), the patient should rinse his mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash, the treatment begins on the same day and, if it results, the wound heals faster. The patient is recommended to take painkillers before the operation because it supports the feeling of pain that may occur after the operation. Local anesthesia is applied in the operation and inflammation at the root tip is drained, this method is a very important factor to prevent bacterial growth. The priority is always channel treatment, so channel treatment should be applied first, if the desired result is not achieved in the channel treatment, other treatment methods should be started. Then the sutures are sewn in place and stitches are removed after 7 days. Stubborn Abscess Treatment (Apical Resection)

The patient should be checked in certain periods

Having swelling, pain or bruising on the face after the operation is a natural result in terms of the process. A patient undergoing persistent abscess treatment (Apical Resection) should be checked at certain periods, the Smile Aesthetics clinic , which has a dental extraction service at home , informs patients that the x-rays should be taken and the bones likely to occur around the root should be followed in the period of 3 to 24 months. You can get rid of stubborn dental abscess permanently by calling our clinic. Stubborn Abscess Treatment (Apical Resection)