Smile With Pink Aesthetics

Smile With Pink Aesthetics

Smile With Pink Aesthetics Today, when the importance of aesthetic smile increases, only white and smooth teeth are not enough. Operations for aesthetic purposes are no longer limited to tooth interventions. Smile With Pink Aesthetics

What is Pink Aesthetic Gingivoplasty?

Not only white and smooth teeth provide an aesthetic smile in people. For a complete smile aesthetics, gums must also be compatible with the teeth. Treatments for healthy gums by dentistry are called pink aesthetics, gingivoplasty. Dental aesthetics are fully provided with this method, which is frequently used in Ankara home dental clinics. Smile With Pink Aesthetics

Why is Pink Aesthetics Important?

The health of the gums, the color of the gums and the level of the gums with the teeth are among the elements that complement the dental aesthetics. By ensuring harmony between healthy teeth and gums, an eye-pleasing smile can be obtained. The structure of a healthy gum can be defined as a light pink color, bright and lumpy like an orange peel, tightly adhered to the tooth and bone. The aim of aesthetic dentistry is to create this perfection with pink aesthetic treatments. For a perfect and healthy smile, pink aesthetics can be done in clinics that provide dental services at home . It is very important for the gums to be healthy before attempting aesthetic treatments on the gums. Smile With Pink Aesthetics

Gingival Problems

Gingivitis is one of the most common diseases in gums. These inflammations cause the gums to appear swollen and purple. With inflammation and aging effect on the gums, upward pulls can occur. Due to these pulls, the teeth become elongated and an aesthetically unpleasant appearance occurs. Another gum problem is when the gum appears excessively during smile. With the smile design, these excesses can be determined and corrected comfortably and painlessly by laser interventions. Darker gingival colors seen in dark-skinned individuals are again made pink in a short time with laser treatment. Tooth extraction treatment at home and implant construction at home You can have a wonderful smile as you wish by having pink aesthetics with the latest technologies and the best dentists in dental clinics that provide service. Smile With Pink Aesthetics

Pink Aesthetic Treatments

In gum aesthetics, there are treatment methods suitable for the disease in the gum:

Regenerative: It is the creation of new support structures by removing the supporting tissues destroyed due to the disease and using membrane, tissue-stimulating proteins or bone grafts.

Gingivectomy: The removal of the gum, which is the excess of gum growth, is the procedure.

Gingivoplasty: The gum that appears too much or the gum that is asymmetrical is corrected by necessary operations.

Crown Lengthening: In case the caries grow under the gum due to loss of excess tissue, the crown length is extended in the teeth and the excess gum is removed and the bone is reshaped.

Botox Application: In case of gum recession, if the treatment cannot be provided by surgical methods, gum problems are corrected by applying botox.

For Gum Health

In general, if the teeth are not properly and adequately cleaned, the bacterial plaque causes dental caries and gingivitis. In this respect, it is necessary to attach importance to tooth cleaning, to regularly brush the teeth and to use floss as much as possible. Regular dental check-ups allow for a shorter recovery time with early treatment. Smile With Pink Aesthetics