Smile Aesthetics; Your Smile ID!

Smile Aesthetics; Your Smile ID!

Smile Aesthetics; Your Smile ID!  The search for aesthetic treatment continues in the routine of dentistry professionals. Following this trend, dental patients are seeking treatment primarily to improve smile aesthetics . The purpose of this article is to provide a protocol to evaluate the patient’s smile: Smile Aesthetics; Your Smile ID!

Why Smile Should Be Evaluated?

The widely known saying “My smile is my identity” should always be respected and taken into account, because there is scientific evidence that shows smile as the most important element in the context of dentofacial aesthetics. Smile Aesthetics; Your Smile ID!

In the last century, scientist Alfred Yarbus has designed equipment that records the movement of the human eye in 17 different situations. His studies revealed that when viewing facial photographs, people tend to focus their attention mostly on the mouth and eyes. Smile Aesthetics; Your Smile ID!

This hypothesis can be explained not only by the dynamic feature of the mouth and eyes compared to other static structures of the face, but also by the contrast of colors: in the eye, between the iris, the pupil and the sclera; and in the mouth, between the lips, gum tissue, teeth, and dark background. This finding is supported by recent publications confirming that more attention is given to mouth and eyes during personal interactions. In addition, the smile plays an important role in facial aesthetics, since the mouth is one of the centers of interest for the face. Therefore, we can identify the first aspect of evaluating smile aesthetics : smile is a dominant component of facial aesthetics. Smile Aesthetics; Your Smile ID!

Researches in Orthodontics Graduate Program

While conducting research in the Orthodontics Graduate Program, they doubted the following: To what extent is smile really necessary to assess global facial aesthetics? Thus, various studies presented manipulated images to orthodontists and colleagues who evaluated the face with a front view and a closed smile. The results revealed that there was no statistically significant difference between the two evaluation methods. Also, smile aesthetics in front view (patient’s nose, hair, eyes, facial contour, etc.) or in closed view (just emphasize the smile of the patient)They showed that their evaluation was equally perceptible, so that it had no effect in the face of aesthetic evaluation of the different features of the smile. These data reinforce the superiority of smiling in the context of global facial aesthetics. Smile Aesthetics; Your Smile ID!

Once we realize the importance of smile in the context of the face, we can go even further. It is decisive not only in the perception of facial attractiveness, but also in the perception of the psychological characteristics of the person. The presence or absence of harmful changes in an individual’s smile significantly affects how this individual is perceived and evaluated. Negative changes can affect one’s personality, intelligence, emotional stability, superiority, sexuality, and interaction with other people’s behavioral intentions. These features are easily perceived when dental treatment includes improvements in smile aesthetics. After applying aesthetic treatment, you definitely witnessed improvements in the patient’s self-esteem and quality of life. Smile Aesthetics; Your Smile ID!

Therefore, the above explains why patients seek dental treatment with a major aesthetic complaint. When the patient’s smile undergoes aesthetic changes, he becomes more attractive and young with psychological positive changes. Smile Aesthetics; Your Smile ID!

On the other hand, the issue of whether orthodontic planning is concerned with smile aesthetics inorder of priority is open to debate. For example, the study by Schabel did not reveal a strong relationship with smile aesthetics among occlusally well-finished orthodontic cases . In other words, the authors propose to add new criteria, including smile aesthetics , in the overall assessment of orthodontic cases . Smile Aesthetics; Your Smile ID!