Shine on Your Tooth: Tooth Crystal

Shine on Your Tooth: Tooth Crystal

Shine on Your Tooth: Tooth Crystal  It is seen that people who care about their outer appearance have preferred tooth crystals in recent years to have a more aesthetic appearance and more shine.

What is Tooth Crystal?

The tooth crystal, which is among the procedures applied by aesthetic dentistry, is more commonly known as a diamond. These stones, which are in different sizes and shapes, are often preferred in terms of sticking on the tooth surface, creating a difference in the person’s outer appearance and smile. This method, which is applied in dental clinics, which offers meticulous home dental serviceand home implant services with its expert dentist staff, is an option in the field of dental aesthetics preferred by those who want to make a noticeable difference in their smile. Shine on Your Tooth: Tooth Crystal

Who Can Have a Dental Crystal?

Dental crystals, which have started to be applied frequently in the forehead of dentistry, can be applied at desired ages and to the desired teeth very easily and in a short time. These crystals adhered to the tooth surface do not easily fall off the tooth surface and can be easily adhered if they fall. Tooth crystals, which can be in many different shapes and sizes, are a very advantageous dental aesthetic practice in that they can be applied at any age. These crystals, which do not harm the structure of the tooth in any way and do not distort the tooth structure, can be easily used in order to avoid any risk in oral and dental health. Anyone who has dental and dental health of dental crystals and whose dental sequences are suitable can be made to the dentist. Shine on Your Tooth: Tooth Crystal


Tooth Crystal Making Stage

In dental clinics , where home dental extraction is provided, dental crystals are adhered to the tooth surface by emphasizing the smile of the person, using a special technique, without any abrading on the tooth surface. There are situations that need to be considered before the tooth crystals are glued to the tooth. Before gluing the dental crystal, the person’s mouth and teeth health must be in place. First, dental plaques, if any, should be cleaned. Dental caries in the mouth should be treated and teeth whitened with the application of teeth whitening. Tooth crystals, which look more beautiful and more aesthetic in white and healthy teeth, are insulated from the surrounding tissues with the help of the desired tooth cotton and adhered with the help of a special adhesive called composite bonding. Shine on Your Tooth: Tooth Crystal

Use of Tooth Crystal

Tooth crystals without any damage to the tooth do not require special care. These stones, which people can use easily in their normal daily lives, can be easily cleaned with daily oral care. Tooth crystals that can be applied in the desired size do not easily fall off the tooth surface in normal daily life. In some cases, for example, due to the consumption of hard food, tooth separations are encountered, and it can be easily adhered to the surface of the tooth by the dentist in a very short time. If the condition where the tooth crystal is applied is not desired later, the polish applied to the tooth after removal is ensured that the tooth is not damaged. Shine on Your Tooth: Tooth Crystal

Stones Used in Dental Crystal Application

The application of a diamond to the tooth, which is applied by aesthetic dentists, should only be done by dentists. In dental crystal application, it can be preferred in other stones instead of crystal stones. You can choose the stones that are suitable for your budget and size that suits your taste. Tooth stones, which are less costly than tooth crystals, can be displaced with the force applied in eating or hard foods since they are applied only by bonding without the use of abrasion method. This is not the case with tooth crystals. The tooth crystal adhered by the dentist does not fall easily from the tooth, and its breakage is almost impossible. Shine on Your Tooth: Tooth Crystal