Red White Smile Aesthetics

Red White Smile Aesthetics

Red White Smile Aesthetics  In addition to health, dental treatment and dental care also pay attention to smile aesthetics, which is especially important for the patient . The natural tooth needs to be replaced by artificial, then, at least, the result is perfect for the person. In this process, it plays an important role not only with what will be the new teeth or what structure their surface will have, but also with how the teeth fit into the general “picture” of the face. In this context, one of the most important areas is “red and white” aesthetics. This dental term may seem somewhat incomprehensible at first, but it becomes apparent when it comes to the harmonious combination of the reddish and white parts of the smile – the lines of the teeth and gums. Red White Smile Aesthetics

Red and white aesthetics are an important part of the job. The result looks natural and beautiful only if there is a balance between the lips, gums and bleached or restored teeth. Red White Smile Aesthetics

Each smile has individual aesthetic properties, but in addition to the color and shape of the teeth, the overall impression of an attractive smile consists of factors such as: Red White Smile Aesthetics

  • the fit of the person’s mouth with the smile;
  • how crowns cover teeth.

And to achieve this, the dentist and dental technician should work closely, as there are different ways to create a perfect smile. Even implant selection can affect red and white aesthetics. If the patient wishes, the implantologist can use white bioceramic zirconium implants. Advantages for the patient are aesthetic concerns, that is, the material does not shine as later when using titanium implants interms of the transition between the gum and the denture . Zirconium implants are recommended, especially if the gingival margin has a chance of not preventing the prosthesis (this is also medically necessary). Red White Smile Aesthetics

Prosthetic Production

However, creating the true restoration of a beautiful smile line requires technical skills and a “good eye” in the details. The size and location of the prosthesis must be perfect. Even small deviations are critical. Even an inexperienced observer will notice this. Because the combination of teeth perceived as beautiful and attractive cannot be arbitrarily established, but is determined by the naturalness of the person’s perception. For ideal red and white aesthetics , the prosthesis should not be too big and too small. The prosthesis must support the lips in the correct volume – the fit of the dental prosthesis must be perfect, in no case should the prosthesis be adjusted too far or back. This will undoubtedly affect the position of the lips – or it will be too tight (elongated). Red White Smile Aesthetics

Therefore, it is important for the dental technician to look after the patient. Photos or digital images are very helpful, but they cannot replace the personal judgment of the educated eye. Red White Smile Aesthetics

In the Smile Aesthetics Clinic, implantologists and dental technicians work together under one roof. To achieve an ideal aesthetic result, the dental technician not only identifies the patient personally, but also in direct contact with the patient’s dentist throughout the treatment. Red White Smile Aesthetics

If you wish, you can have your dental care at home during the Covid-19 period. For this, please contact our specialists, who will fulfill the health conditions at home, will take care of you closely. Red White Smile Aesthetics