Porcelain Lamina Special For You

Porcelain Lamina Special For You

Porcelain Lamina Special For You Everyone needs a beautiful smile with healthy and well-groomed teeth. Porcelain Lamina, which is applied without damaging the tooth tissue for a special smile only, is an aesthetic and long-lasting restoration. Porcelain Lamina Special For You

What is Porcelain Lamina?

Porcelain lamina, which is known as leaf porcelain among the people and is one of the most popular dental aesthetic solutions over the years, is very fine porcelains that are generally applied to the front teeth. Porcelain lamina, a leaf-shaped tooth covering material produced to cover the original tooth, is an application that requires little or no preparation in the tooth. This application, which is applied in private clinics that provide dental services in Ankara and has excellent aesthetic results, has a more comfortable and more confident smile. Porcelain Lamina Special For You

When is Porcelain Lamina Applied?

It is the material that is closest to the natural color and natural appearance of the porcelain laminated teeth, which is one of the most preferred applications of dentists and dental treatment people. In the highly colored teeth of individuals with professions that are not seen as a result of bleaching, joining the split teeth, joining broken or split teeth, correcting the distorted color and structure of old fillings, distorted and curved teeth, in which structural and form distorted teeth last long. The porcelain lamina applied in the correction offers a solution almost flawless. Porcelain Lamina Special For You

Porcelain Lamina Treatment Process

Implant construction service at home and dental service at homePorcelain lamina treatment, which is applied in dental clinics with expert dentist staff, consists of several stages. The first stage of dental application where the most appropriate smile design is intended for the patient is to perform treatments that may be a problem, such as calculus cleaning. If necessary, dimensions are taken for porcelain lamina only by removing a very thin layer on the front surfaces of the teeth. In some cases, the tooth surface may not be abraded at all. After this process, which is completed in a short time compared to other dental treatments, porcelain laminates are prepared with a precise work in the laboratory. While this process, which takes about 2 or 3 days, is expected, temporary tooth coatings are used to prevent damage to the teeth. The aim here is not to feel any discomfort in the teeth until permanent porcelain laminae arrive. At the last stage, porcelain laminates are glued to the surface of the teeth one by one with a special tooth adhesive. When necessary, the teeth are filed and final shapes are given. Porcelain Lamina Special For You

Why Porcelain Lamina?

Compared to other dental treatments, a natural and healthy appearance is achieved in a short time with very small interventions with porcelain lamina. Since it is very thin, it does not cause reflection when light comes, and it gives bright appearance like natural teeth. It consists of solid, durable materials that do not deteriorate. The natural structure of the tooth, which is applied to the porcelain lamina, does not deteriorate and no changes are made or little correction is applied to the tooth. With the technological possibilities, a copy of the teeth can be made and the design can be made without any intervention to the tooth. They have high resistance against abrasion and staining. It minimizes the formation of tartar. Porcelain Lamina Special For You

After Porcelain Lamina Treatment

This dental treatment, which has an aesthetic smile in about a week, is both a practical and painless method Tooth brushing and flossing should be continued after the porcelain lamina, which can be applied in clinics with expert dentist staff providing services such as tooth extraction at home . Too hard foods should not be torn, and nail habits, teeth clenching or grinding habits should be considered. After porcelain lamina application, which cannot be compared in terms of aesthetics and health, controls should not be disrupted every six months. Porcelain Lamina Special For You