Our Savior Protections Fixed Prosthetics

Our Savior Protections Fixed Prosthetics

Our Savior Protections Fixed Prosthetics  The teeth, which have many functions such as digestive system assistant and speech regulator, are the inventory workers of our body.

What is a Dental Prosthesis?

Teeth, which are extremely important for humans, can be lost due to the inability to understand the required value, deformations at later ages, hard blows or some diseases. Artificial organs that are performed by imitating the duties and functions of the lost tooth in cases such as weakness in the jawbone, accidents or advancing age are called prostheses. Patients with dental deficiencies in dental clinics that offer privileged services such as home dental service at home and home implant withspecialist dentist staff, can make dentures as a result of examinations and examinations. Our Savior Protections Fixed Prosthetics

Dental Prosthesis Applications

The prosthesis applied in dental treatment is applied for people who have lost their teeth or multiple teeth. Prosthetic dental treatment is applied in cases where there are large bruises occurring in the treatment that are too late in the treatment, the teeth are broken or the filling is insufficient for the tooth. Prosthetic teeth are usually made as fixed or removable dentures using porcelain or acrylic. Today, there are 4 types of dental prosthesis. These are counted as implant teeth, fixed dentures, movable dentures and jaw-face dentures. In order to eliminate mouth and chewing deformations, the functions of the teeth in the mouth and the location of the missing tooth are selected and the type of prosthesis is selected. Our Savior Protections Fixed Prosthetics

What is Fixed Prosthesis?

Artificial teeth made by applying various techniques in order to restore both the aesthetics and function of missing teeth in the mouth are called fixed dentures. As the name implies, fixed prostheses are generally dental attached or not, whether the patient can wear or not. Fixed prosthesis applied to patients who have lost one or more teeth is the method of completing the deficiencies by getting support from natural teeth or applying treatment on natural teeth. Fixed teeth are permanent in the mouth and cannot be removed. With this application, while deformations on a single tooth are eliminated, tooth deficiencies can also be completed with the bridge method. Our Savior Protections Fixed Prosthetics

Fixed Prosthesis Application Stages

The first step in fixed dental prosthesis is to make an appointment with the dentist and make the necessary examination and decide the most efficient and most useful method for the patient. The tooth, which has been deformed for various reasons and cannot be recovered, is pulled by the dentist. After the cavity of the extracted tooth is cleaned, the cut tooth is prepared and covered and placed in the dental cavity. The preparation of the fixed prosthesis can vary from 5 to 7 days. Fixed prosthetic teeth prepared at the end of this period are attached. In some cases, the bridge method is applied. In this method, if there are teeth that are durable at the beginning and at the end, these teeth are used as bridge legs and permanent teeth, that is prostheses, are placed in the place where there is a missing tooth. Our Savior Protections Fixed Prosthetics

Fixed Denture Care

People who have new teeth in dental clinics that offer dental extraction at home and home dental service should pay attention to the care and cleaning of these teeth. Cleaning and maintenance that affect the fixed tooth life should be performed daily without neglecting. The life of the prosthesis will be extended with the conditions such as the frequency of brushing the teeth, the habit of flossing, paying attention not to break the hard objects with the tooth. Even if your teeth do not have a problem every six months, you should definitely check with your dentist. In addition to dental floss, teeth should be cleaned using specially produced toothbrushes and toothpastes that protect the dental prosthesis. Our Savior Protections Fixed Prosthetics