Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer

Oral cancers are usually types of cancer that occur in the upper lip, larynx, tonsils, or behind the salivary glands. Ankara home dental service It most often appears on the floor of the mouth and tongue, and almost all originates from the mucous membrane covering the mouth, lips and tongue, and multi-folded flat epithelium cells, and is twice as common in men as in women. Oral Cancer

Health Area is Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery

The area of ​​health related to oral cancers is Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck surgery, and they are the surgeons of these departments that deal with these patients. The ways of preventing oral cancer begin with avoiding smoking and alcohol, it is necessary to regularly go to the doctor and dentist examination at home , the teeth that cause wounds in the mouth or the dentures, if any, must be treated. Oral cancer is not an infectious disease, but some factors affect cancer formation. Tobacco use comes first among these formations. Oral Cancer

The First Cause of Oral Cancer Is Tobacco And Alcohol

The first cause of all oral cancers are tobacco and tobacco products. Alcohol and cigarette use in 90% of oral cancer are revealed as a result of researches. In those who consume alcohol, the consumption rate of alcohol and the risk of oral cancer increase in proportion with each other, making home implants and sun rays are also a significant factor in these cancers, especially if alcohol and tobacco use and sun rays merge, the risk of oral cancer peaks. If the family has a cancer history, support from a physician who is an expert on oral cancer should be obtained and they should have their examinations frequently. Oral Cancer

The First Symptoms Are Spots On The Lip

In addition to poor nutrition, although poor health and living conditions have been treated from the head and neck region before, those who do not leave smoking and drinking alcohol and who have chronic wounds caused by their teeth are quite likely to get cancer. At the beginning of the symptoms of mouth cancer are red or red white spots on the lip, wounds that do not pass on the lips and mouth, wounds that cause constant bleeding, loss of teeth for no reason, difficulty swallowing, swelling in the neck or pain in the mass and ear, red white spots it is more likely to turn into cancer than red spots. Oral Cancer

Early Diagnosis Saves Lives in Oral Cancer

As with any type of cancer, early diagnosis in oral cancers saves lives, so it is useful to have oral examination frequently. Dental service at homeIn the examination phase, if the doctor sees a wound or swelling in any area of ​​the mouth, he / she gets a biopsy. There are different treatment methods, the first option is chemotherapy, the increase of cancer cells is prevented with the drugs used in chemotherapy, in some cases chemotherapy is applied together with surgery or radiotherapy treatment. Since it is a treatment method with side effects, this method is preferred for patients without liver and kidney problems. Oral Cancer

The Doctor Decides The Treatment Method

In the surgical method, the tumor and its damaged area is removed and cleaned, it is a long and painful treatment method, the doctors and the team conducting the treatment decide whether to continue radiotherapy or chemotherapy after the patient’s recovery. The treatment method that prevents cancer cells from spreading by eliminating cancer cells with high energy rays is radiotherapy, the doses of the treatment are determined by considering the size and spread of the tumor. Oral Cancer