Increase Your Quality of Life with Night Plate

Increase Your Quality of Life with Night Plate

Increase Your Quality of Life with Night Plate Oral and dental health is very important in every period of human life. Dental care should be done regularly in  dental clinics, which offer dental services at home and have many services such as home implants . In order to improve the quality of life, some problems occurring in the teeth should be treated not only for eating but also while sleeping at night. Increase Your Quality of Life with Night Plate

What is Night Plate?

Teeth and gums, which take part in the nutrition and digestive system and speech function of people, face some problems in time. In addition to diseases such as dental caries, tooth stones, gum ailments, diseases such as tooth grinding and squeezing of the jaw, which are frequently encountered at night, decrease the quality of life of individuals. Night plate is a special mouth plate support designed against squeezing of the jaw during sleep and teeth grinding problems, and wear and jaw deterioration that may occur in the teeth. Night plate, designed by private dentists, is a mouth guard. Increase Your Quality of Life with Night Plate

The Importance of Night Plate

The dentists stated that the problem of nosing at night is about 60 percent of my society and states that when the person wakes up in the morning, they feel severe pain in the chin and head areas. When sleeping at night, teeth and gums are damaged by moving the jaw joint like involuntary clenching, grinding and rubbing. These appliances, also known as protective night plates used as a result of the diagnosis of dentists, have different functions. Increase Your Quality of Life with Night Plate

Why Use Night Plate?

In general, individuals unintentionally remove the stress of the day and their troubles during the day while they sleep at night. In individuals who have had a stressful period, their jaw muscles are unconsciously contracting and again, unconsciously clenching or grinding teeth. Painkillers used for severe pain in the chin and head areas in the morning do not work after a while. For this situation, which has increased significantly in recent years, the patient should be consulted with the dentist and necessary examinations should be made. In such cases, the patient should receive psychological support besides using night plates. Protective night plates are suitable for day and night use. Increase Your Quality of Life with Night Plate

Preparation and Use of Night Plate

The problems experienced by applying to the dental clinics, which have dental staff at home and dental dentist service at home, should be explained. As a result of the detailed examination to be performed by the dentist, if the use of night plate is suitable, the size of the teeth is taken. Since the anatomical structure of the human jaw varies from individual to individual, a protective night plate suitable for the person is prepared by taking the dental measurement. In this way, the night plate adapts to the teeth and provides comfort during sleep, helping to eliminate the problem. While the protective night plate is used at least 4 hours a day and 12 hours a day, this period should not exceed 21 days a month. Increase Your Quality of Life with Night Plate

Use and Cleaning of Night Plate

Night plates with a sensitive structure are not used in hot meals and beverages. These plates, which can be used day and night with their transparent structure, can be deformed in a short time by contacting with bacteria if oral and dental cleaning is not considered. It is necessary to pay attention to the cleaning of the night plate as well as the cleaning of the mouth and teeth. These plaques can be cleaned with a soft cloth and a small amount of alcohol, as well as with a soft bristle toothbrush and soap or toothpaste. Problems with regular use of night plate begin to decrease within a few days. You can start the necessary treatments by making an appointment with a specialist dentist to increase your quality of life. Increase Your Quality of Life with Night Plate