Don’t be late for orthodontic treatment

Don’t be late for orthodontic treatment

Don’t be late for orthodontic treatment The word orthodontics consists of correcting the meaning based on ancient Greek and the words tooth. The aim of orthodontics is to provide a healthier and more aesthetic appearance to the individuals with the teeth affecting the general appearance of the face and the interventions made on the lower and middle face areas. Don’t be late for orthodontic treatment

What is Orthodontics?

In dental clinics that provide services such as home dental service, especially in Ankara, dental implants , orthodontic treatments should be performed that do not include the disability of the teeth and jaw, to stop or prevent them at the earliest period, and to improve these disorders in the future. Orthodontics, a sub-branch of dentistry, is more commonly known as dental braces. The main purpose of orthodontic treatment is to increase the quality of life of individuals by bringing the teeth and jaw to ideal functionally and aesthetically. Orthodontic treatment is a method that can be applied at any age and it will give you a brand new smile with your dental health. Don’t be late for orthodontic treatment

In Which Conditions Is Orthodontic Treatment Necessary?

If the lower teeth in the mouth are closing behind the upper teeth, that is, there is a cross closure, when the teeth are overlapping, not in order, if the teeth are too wide, there are problems with chewing even though there is no visible defect in the teeth, excessive backward or forward jaw structures, unbalanced jaw and face In the structure, in the late or early loss of milk teeth, oral breathing, and the dental structures located in the front, it is necessary to start the treatment by visiting the orthodontics doctor. Don’t be late for orthodontic treatment

Age of Starting Orthodontic Treatment

Generally, the first orthodontic examinations of children should be done at the age of 7. By starting orthodontic treatments between the ages of 9 and 14, children are provided with healthier teeth, bones and gums. Although children are the first to come to mind in orthodontic treatments, many adults today resort to this treatment for the solution of their aesthetic and functional problems. As the common opinion of dentists, early treatment of the problems diagnosed in the early period enables the completion of the treatments that will be either completely or in the later years easier and in a shorter time. This shows that it is very important for individuals who need orthodontic treatment to start treatment in the early period. Don’t be late for orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic Treatment Process

Orthodontics, which is associated with braces, moves the teeth and regulates the development of the jaw and controls the development of the muscles. Braces, a mechanism consisting of brackets and wires that apply force to one or more teeth in the desired direction, are applied in clinics where dentists are experts in their field, offering dental extraction at home and dental service at home . The duration of orthodontic treatments applied to individuals generally ranges from 6 months to 3 years. Reinforcement treatment is applied to fix the condition of the tooth as a preventive measure after the apparatus removed after the treatment. Don’t be late for orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic Treatment Types

In orthodondic treatments, the first process is to determine the current problem and the treatment methods to be used after the dentist performs the necessary examinations. The wires to be used in the treatment can vary depending on the existing structural disorders in the patient and sometimes the expectations of the patient. Metal braces suitable for each problem as the oldest and most useful braces, transparent braces that are produced based on porcelain and have a natural appearance like tooth structure, lingual braces placed on the invisible inner surface of the tooth, applied in lighter teeth and jaw disorders and brackets and wires transparent dental plaque is not orthodontic treatment. During the orthodontic treatment period, attention should be paid to oral and dental health, hard foods should be avoided, teeth should be brushed after each meal. Don’t be late for orthodontic treatment