Do Not Lose Your Teeth With Canal Treatment

Do Not Lose Your Teeth With Canal Treatment

Do Not Lose Your Teeth With Canal Treatment  Teeth that help to chew food by breaking and shaping the sound are damaged over time for various reasons while performing these important tasks. The most known of these damages is that the tooth decays and begins to lose its function. Do Not Lose Your Teeth With Canal Treatment

What is Canal Treatment?

An adult has an average of 32 teeth inside the mouth. Teeth, which are among the most needed organs, can face a number of problems. It is called canal treatment by removing the pulp, which is known as the dental nerve among the people, from the tooth and filling and shaping the empty part with filling materials. Having a threadlike structure, the pulp located in the center of the tooth is inflamed under the influence of bacteria in broken teeth or deep caries. If the damaged inflamed tooth does not receive the necessary treatment, it causes an infection in itself and the surrounding tissues. Do Not Lose Your Teeth With Canal Treatment

In Which Conditions Canal Treatment Is Necessary?

In dental clinics in Ankara, which provides dental services and has a team of specialist dentists, pulp tissue must be removed and the canal cavity must be cleaned and filled with fillers. In this process, which can be considered as the last chance of the tooth, canal can be used for a lifetime by applying canal treatment. Conditions that require canal treatment are generally; spontaneous pain in the tooth, pain that is not affected by painkillers at night, long-term pain triggered by external factors such as hot and cold, swelling around the tooth or gum, coloration or fistula caused by infection in the tooth. Do Not Lose Your Teeth With Canal Treatment

Canal Treatment Process

By providing dental service at home and dental extraction at home , at the same time, making implants at homeCanal treatment success is 95 percent successful in dental clinics where dental services such as specialist dentist staff are provided in a sterile environment with the latest technological tools. Although canal treatment seems like a frightening procedure, it is not a painful procedure because it is performed by numbing the tooth. No pain is felt during treatment. After the tooth is anesthetized, the decaying tooth is cleaned and the inflamed pulp, the dental nerve, is removed. All nerves and tissue wastes inside the tooth are cleaned and the canals are expanded to the root tip. The healing is accelerated by applying duct washing with appropriate solutions and by adding suitable drugs for duct therapy. Temporary filling is applied for multiple sessions. In the next session, temporary filling is removed and the canals are filled with fillers to the root end. Do Not Lose Your Teeth With Canal Treatment

Pain After Canal Treatment

The canal treated tooth will heal rapidly and will continue to function normally. After this process, which takes about a few days, the patient can easily return to his normal life. It is very rare to have inflammation after canal treatment, which has a very high success rate. If there is no improvement after the canal treatment and the patient’s complaints continue, the canal treatment should be renewed as a result of detailed x-ray analysis. Do Not Lose Your Teeth With Canal Treatment

Attention After Canal Treatment

It is necessary to avoid excessive hot and cold foods for a while after canal treatment. Hard shell objects such as nuts and walnuts should not be broken with teeth. Mouth and teeth cleaning should be given importance and should not be disrupted. The canal treatment can be more fragile than the natural tooth. The repaired and treated tooth can be used for a lifetime, but it should be remembered that damage to the tooth may recur. In this respect, it should pay more attention to oral and dental health and regular dentist examination should be done for future problems. Do Not Lose Your Teeth With Canal Treatment