Dental Treatment With Modern Treatment Methods

Dental Treatment With Modern Treatment Methods

Dental Treatment With Modern Treatment Methods  Today, with the conscious individuals, more attention has been given to oral and dental health. With the help of advancing technology, even the smallest problem that occurs in the teeth is detected and treated by dentists experienced in Dental Treatment With Modern Treatment Methods.

Implant Treatments

In recent years, implant treatment is one of the modern treatment methods preferred by many dentists and patients for tooth loss. In dental clinics, which also provide implant constructionservice at home , dental treatment is performed thanks to the implant placed with a screw in the jaw bone. In the methods applied in previous years, the teeth next to them were also damaged because they were included in the procedures. With the developed implant, the adjacent teeth are not damaged in any way. Dental Treatment With Modern Treatment Methods

Teeth Cleaning and Teeth Whitening

The teeth, which are of great importance in nutrition and speech, cause yellowing due to various reasons such as lack of regular maintenance and cleaning, consumption of too much tea and coffee, and the use of drugs such as long-term antibiotics. Over time, these yellowings accompany tooth stains. Tooth extraction at home and dental service at homeAmong the most frequently applied treatments in the dental clinics with its professional dentist staff, are the dental calculus cleaning and tooth whitening procedures. In case of teeth whitening, specialist doctors diagnose the problem and usually apply the treatment in one session. Although this procedure is among the permanent treatments, it is necessary to pay attention to oral and dental cleaning by considering the recommendations of doctors. If necessary, these treatments can be repeated at certain intervals. Dental Treatment With Modern Treatment Methods

Braces Treatment

Braces treatment, which is applied by orthodontics doctors in cases of irregular and crooked teeth or problematic jaw closures, usually takes a long time for patients. Despite the length of the process, the healthiest results are obtained with this treatment. Braces treatment is of great importance for healthy teeth, healthy chin development and a confident radiant smile. Metal brackets, which are preferred in terms of all kinds of problems and low cost, provide trouble-free and fast treatment. In addition, there are transparent braces based on porcelain and natural appearance and lingual braces placed in the invisible inside of the tooth. Dental Treatment With Modern Treatment Methods

Zirconium Dental Treatment

With the developing technology, zirconium, which is frequently used in dental treatments, is an ideal type of dental treatment that can be applied to individuals with white color, heat-resistant and allergic problems such as metal. It does not provide a matte appearance with the substances in its zirconium structure, but it provides a more aesthetic and more natural appearance. Zirconium, which is more durable than metal, is often preferred in the field of aesthetic teeth, the gum does not cause problems and does not cause a change in taste in the mouth. Porcelain coating is made with and without metal support. Zirconium coatings are the zirconium minerals converted into ceramic and fall into the group without metal support. Dental Treatment With Modern Treatment Methods

Digital Dentistry

In recent years, computer aided design and production system has been included in dentistry. It offers solutions for prosthetic technicians and dentists, along with the materials and techniques used, in smile aesthetics and long-lasting dental treatments. Digital dentistry, which combines the patient’s face and aesthetic dental treatments that are planned to be performed in realistic images, offers different options about dental treatment. With the help of these programs, the shape of the teeth, the colors, the posture through the mouth and the smile of the people after the end of the treatment become visible and the patient has no hesitation. Dental Treatment With Modern Treatment Methods