Correct Tooth Brushing Methods

Correct Tooth Brushing Methods

Correct Tooth Brushing Methods Correct tooth brushing is the first step in the protection of teeth and gums due to wrong brushing, teeth can be damaged and brushing has no meaning. Teeth should be brushed with a correct method at least twice a day, after breakfast and before going to bed at night. Dental service at home shouldbe brushed all over the mouth area for at least two minutes. Correct Tooth Brushing Methods

Upper and Lower Teeth Should Be Brushed Evenly

The upper and lower teeth should be brushed at the same time in a 2-minute brushing period. It is possible to provide this with the help of an hour. The posture of the toothbrush varies according to which tooth is brushed. When brushing the teeth, it is necessary to start from the inner and outer surfaces, the brush should be given an angle of 45 degrees. Then, it is necessary to move the brush back and forth by moving to the chewing surfaces, we should hold the brush of the front tooth upright and brush it with light brush strokes. Correct Tooth Brushing Methods

It should be used in places where the toothbrush does not reach.

ankara at home dental service It is necessary to brush gently along the gum line, by brushing the tongue from the back to the front, food pieces should also be cleaned and the bacteria that cause bad breath should be destroyed. It should be gently brushed on the upper palate for a more comfortable feel and fresh breath. It is also important to use dental floss where toothbrush can not reach and between teeth, floss plays a serious role in preventing gum diseases, bad breath and tooth decay. Correct Tooth Brushing Methods

What to Consider When Using Dental Floss

Things to consider when using dental floss are as follows; It is necessary to wrap the 50 cm long floss with two middle fingers, but it should be wrapped a little more than one finger. With the support of the sign and thumb, the floss is stretched and passed through the teeth, while doing so, it is necessary to take care not to damage the gums and keep the floss apart. tooth extraction at home By changing the dental floss into c shape, it should be cleaned between the teeth and the bottom of the gum line should be cleaned and a new section should be used from each dental floss. Correct Tooth Brushing Methods

How to Be the Right Toothbrush

The right toothbrush should have bristles and a small brush head designed to reach almost every part of the mouth, soft-bristle brushes should be chosen to avoid damage to the teeth and gums, toothbrushes with non-slip grips that are comfortable to grip are also correct brushes. If the intervals between the teeth are wide, there are braces in the mouth, implants at home , brackets or dental bridges, the toothbrush to be used are interdental interdental brushes, the feature of these teeth brushes is that they have very small brush heads and fine bristles. Correct Tooth Brushing Methods

Interdental Interdental Brush Options

If the bristles wear out, it will be sufficient to change the brush head only. These brushes also have a small size interdental interdental brush designed for people with extremely sensitive gums and teeth or for use on a journey. Correct Tooth Brushing Methods

Dental Stone Cleaning Process is a Special Treatment Method

If the teeth are not brushed at least twice every day, the food stays on the teeth over time and these residues form a bacterial plaque. This formed bacterial plaque hardens and turns into tartar (calculus), the dental calculus is a special treatment method and is cleaned only by dentists with the help of a special tool. Tartar (calculus) causes gingival bleeding, gingivitis and gum disease. Correct Tooth Brushing Methods