Composite Laminated Difference in Aesthetic Teeth

Composite Laminated Difference in Aesthetic Teeth

Composite Laminated Difference in Aesthetic Teeth  Laminated tooth coatings are one of the first applications that come to mind in aesthetic dental treatments, which have increased and changed in recent years. Composite Laminated Difference in Aesthetic Teeth

What is Laminated Teeth Coating?

Laminate tooth coatings are made in dental clinics that provide the best service with specialist dentists who are offered home dental service and home implant treatment. The surfaces of the found teeth are covered with a suitable restoration material in the desired color and shape. With this application known as laminate in dental treatment, the rarity of natural teeth can be combined, unwanted coloration occurring in the teeth can be closed, and the length of the teeth can be extended in necessary and appropriate lengths. Laminated tooth application is done with two different materials and two different methods. These are known as porcelain laminate and composite laminate. Composite Laminated Difference in Aesthetic Teeth

What is Composite Lamina Application?

Today, composite laminated, which is used in the treatment of aesthetic dentistry and known with the names such as composite laminated, composite bonding, aesthetic filling, and beam filling, is applied by dentists who are experts in dental clinics that provide dental extraction at home and dental service at home, by taking the opinion of the patient. The treatment is decided by taking the necessary examinations into account and considering the patient’s expectations. The composite laminate developed for aesthetic dental treatment regulates the form and color of the tooth without damaging the surfaces of the teeth. With the quality of the material to be applied and the experience of the dentist, composite laminates that provide transparency, transparency, opacity and color harmony are applied to the tooth surface with strong binders. Composite Laminated Difference in Aesthetic Teeth

In Which Conditions Is Composite Laminated Applied?

Laminates applied in dental aesthetics; hard coloration occurring between teeth and teeth, especially in covering the gaps between the teeth, providing aesthetics in the teeth with mild distortion and not expecting orthodontics, in the treatment of broken and rotten teeth, lengthening the neck in the front teeth, using long-term antibiotics such as antibiotics. and laminated application is made in composite. In composite laminated treatment, the most important application criteria are coloration in teeth, the amount of rarity between teeth, hygiene and nutritional habits of the person, the need for abrasion in teeth, economy and patient expectations. Composite Laminated Difference in Aesthetic Teeth

Composite Laminated Application Steps

Before the application of composite lamina, the dentist conducts the necessary examinations. Gum health is also important in the application area. In the composite lamination, which is generally made without the need for anesthesia, tooth abrading is not performed in most processes. Contouring can be done only if the dentist deems it necessary. After the measurements are taken, the tooth surface is prepared. The composite laminates prepared on the tooth, which is provided with the necessary isolation, are applied with the layering system. The final shape of the tooth is given by using burs and discs. At the last stage, polishing is done with special rubber discs. The applied polishing process and the given gloss play an important role in the long-term success of the restoration. Composite Laminated Difference in Aesthetic Teeth

Advantages of Composite Lamina

Composite laminates have many advantages. Being fast and economical compared to porcelain laminate is one of the first reasons to choose; such as being very close to the natural tooth in color, bringing fast and successful results without the need for anesthesia, being applied in clinics and in one session, repaired in cases of breakage and dislocation due to the abrasion of the teeth, repaired in cases of breakage, orthodontic treatment, etc. There are many advantages such as providing quick solution without slight treatment without long treatment, being much more economical than porcelain laminate price. Composite laminate application can be used for years if oral and dental care is performed regularly. Composite Laminated Difference in Aesthetic Teeth